Reykavik on Raudavatn

The exterior work was finished in end of November and we did have a drive to one of the laiks in Reykjavík. Excellent wether.


Kodiak 8×8
Kodiak 8×8


Information about the truck:

Engines:  Duramax, V-8, 6.6 LLY

Transmission   Alison 1000 RDS 5 gíra

Transfer case: Ford Divorced  NP203 Full time

Growler :  NP203 ,1:2  gear ration

Extra transfer case for axels: Dodge and Ford  NP203, full time  1:2.

Four Daimler Chrysler Unimog 435 Portal axels gear ratio 1:5,4
External deflation for tiers

Air suspension for axels and as well for Chassis


54“Mickey Thompson on 20×17 rims.