One of a kind

Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 / MAN

Technical information
Engine: 400 hp.  Duramax, TurboV8, 6.6 liters with Allison 5 speed automatic transmission
Transfer cases: There are 4 transfer cases in the truck, two of them are working parallel, so effective they are as three in a line, total gear ratio  130:1,  for extreme off roading.
Frame: Coming from a German MAN truck, in conjunction with the Kodiak frame.

Axels and suspension:
• Four Mercedes Unimog, Portal axles.  
• Steers on first two axles.
• Air Lockers in all axles.
• Automatic deflation/inflation of tiers with a smart phone app.
• Air suspension on all axels
• Air suspension between the frame and body, for extra comfort.

Eight 54“ (1.3 meters)  Mickey Thompson tires on  20“ wheels with double bead look.

Luxury Interior:
• Eight leather captain chairs and one three-person bench in back, of total 11 persons.
• Extreme leg space.
• 24” smart TV and WIFI.
• High class audio system.
• USB charger on all chairs.
• Three doors on each side of the truck.

• Total length is 8,5 meters and the weight is 8,5 tons.
• Fuel capacity 400 liters
• Foldable stairs for easy access

One of one in the word.
Designed and built in Iceland using in total spares from 6 cars:
One Chevrolet Kodiak
Two Chevrolet Van body.
One frame from MAN 24.362 truck
Four axels coming from two Mercedes Bens Dingo military vehicle
The Kodiak/MAN was registered in December 2017